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Living Together in Gratitude.

We're a community of 50 people living together in one of the greatest places on earth - San Francisco's Mission District. We value presence, mindfulness, sustainability, collaboration and transformative experiences and strive to exemplify those values in our daily lives.

Building Community Through Food

All house residents participate in a shared food plan - we source local, organic fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses and basic staples like pasta and rice. Weekly deliveries keep us stocked up, and while we don't have set meal schedules, residents generally cook for large groups so a hot meal is usually waiting when we get home from our days.

Affordable Living

Because we live in one of the most expensive neighborhoods on earth, many residents share rooms. Furnished singles, doubles and triples are available at medium term and long term rates. For more information on pricing please click here.

Our Space

We share 5 beautiful, recently renovated apartments in a classic San Francisco Victorian. We look for housemates with similar standards of cleanliness and strive to keep our space someplace we all look forward to coming home to. Check out pictures of our space here.

Live With Us

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